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Meghna Aviation Limited
Established: 2011

Meghna Aviation Limited, an enterprise of Meghna Group of Industries, is a full service helicopter transport provider. Meghna Aviation Limited’s Helicopters are highly versatile means of travel, allowing you to land or take off from remote areas or city center helipads; any location can be reached with ease. Helicopters are without a doubt the most versatile and adaptable of any aircraft in the world. The helicopters’ ability to fulfill multiple roles make them the ultimate machine. With our highly trained ex-military pilots and engineers the versatile performer, Bell 407Gx and Robinson R66 has the ability to undertake any charter or aerial work with evidence of our past experience and service records. Meghna Aviation Limited provides meticulously maintained helicopter for a wide variety of tasks:

Corporate Helicopter Charter
Reduced commuting time to work
Flexible fast service, offering the possibility of making multiple site visits within a single day
Chartering a helicopter is made simple by our dedicated Account Managers
Leisure Helicopter Charter
Affordable, convenient and uninterrupted travel, avoid the traffic jams and scheduled service delays
Possibility of landing directly at a selected convenient locations.
Ideal for special events: arrival of a VIP or attending special public or social meetings including weeding and honeymoon.
Other Helicopter Charter
VIP/Dignitaries Transfers
Corporate Transfers
Ambulance (Emergency Medical Service)
Scenic Flight
Photography and Filming
Electronic News Gathering
Remote Location Transportation
Bell 407GX.
The Bell 407GX (Glass Cockpit) is a four-blade, single-engine utility helicopter; a derivative of the Bell 206L-4 Long Ranger, a hallmark production of Bell Textron Company. It integrates reliability, speed, performance and maneuverability with a cabin configurable for an array of missions and payloads.
Standard Seating: 1+6
Useful Load: 2582 lbs
Range: 611 km
Max Cruise: 246 kph
Robinson R66.
The Robinson R66 is a turbine-powered helicopter designed and built by the Robinson Helicopter Company. Light, slick and compact R66 makes a suitable option for very remote & confined area landing.
Standard Seating: 1+4
Useful Load: 1400 lbs
Range: 602 km
Max Cruise 222 kph
Meghna Aviation offers a prompt first class service in modern well maintained Bell 407Gx and Robinson R66 helicopters. Meghna Aviation Ltd. is having largest facilities with 16000 sft hangar, 8700 sft tarmac and 4200 sft office with fire protection system. As the Meghna hangar is located in HazratShahajalal International Airport (HSIA), it is ideally situated to cater for VIP, CIP and foreign dignitaries’ needs. They connect directly from international or domestic flight and may be on their way in no time at all. Meghna Aviation can pick up and drop off at most locations whether it is a private landing site, school field or airport.