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Corporate Vision, Mission & Values
We are passionately creating sustainable economic value for our country and stakeholders by contributing to the industrial development of the nation and fundamental requirements of our consumers.
We would like to enhance our capability in a competitive and globalizing environment delivering superior and sustainable value within next 5 years.

Openness- diversity is a source of wealth and change, a constant opportunity.

Curiosity: Characterizes an attitude of awareness and looking ahead, of being attuned to others, refusing to accept preconceived ideas and models and imagination.

Agility: Synonymous with vitality, energy, speed, flexibility and adaptability.

Enthusiasm - There is no limit – only obstacles to be overcome.

Boldness: As opposed to bureaucratic security, it symbolized the desire and capacity to take risks and explore now, unorthodox paths. It also implies the ability to endure and overcome failure.

Passion: Synonymous with conviction, a drive to convince and lead, the pleasure of work, the ability to surpass oneself and achieve excellence.

Appetite for challenge: Characterized by the optimistic, enthusiastic and almost physical desire to grow and take the lead.

Humanism- the attention paid to the individuals, whether they be consumers, customers, employees or citizens, is at the heart of all our decisions.

Sharing: An approach that emphasizes dialogue, transparency and teamwork

Responsibility: MGI pays attention to the safety of people and products, acts pro-socially and is environmentally friendly

Respect of the other: MGI is sensitive to cultural differences, treats social and commercial partners with respect and facilities the development of its partners

Proximity: know how to stay close to each person in the world: consumers, customers, suppliers, stakeholders and society become a part of their everyday lives.